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Keroberes: most people know the story of Card Captor Sakura and most don't know much about it. (of course why go to a CCS site and not know anything about CCS?)

Spinner: the basics on CCS is this;
Skaura the main Character. is a normal girl until she discovers the Clow Book, a book made by the wizard Clow Reed, her father is some relation of Clow Reed but he doesn't posess any powers like Touya or Sakura. when Sakura find the Clow Book she opens it and takes out one card called the Windy Card, she then reads an incantation on the back of the cover. when she does the Clow Book releases all the cards except for Windy. then a little beast called Kero came out of the Clow Book, he told Sakura that she was the new Card Captor and it was her duty to collect all the cards. she has a little trouble at first, and Soyaoran doesn't help; a young boy with brown hair and green eyes i believe. hs attitude towards Sakura in the beginning is that she will never be as good fo a Card Captor as him, the two happy Captors are later joined by Meiling the cousin and fiance of Soyaoran. she had odango's like sabrena's but the hair that hangs down is much much shorter, her attitude towards Sakura and Kero *chuckle* is that they can't match up to her darling Soyoaron. they worked against and with each other at the same time they both helped capture the Shadow and the Thunder, Meiling having a bad history with Sakura was leaving one day and Sakura invited her over for a sleep over against Keroberes's wishes. that time they caught the Twin card or Soyoaron and Meiling fought it and Sakura sealed it. meiling went back to Hong Kong i believe she comes back 0.0. afterwards Sakura and Soyoran go to the Judgment to see who is to be the new Master. Sakura almost lost with the vine card but Ms. Mckenzie came to her rescue with the bell that was meant to help Sakura defeat Yue in the challenge. afterwards sakura was meant to turn all of the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards like she signed them. Eli part of the reincarnation of Clow Reed helped her with this, most people see Eli as a bad guy but when you realize it. it was him who got Soyoran to admit his feelings for Sakura, and it was him who got Sakura to change the Clow Cards, he also created a stronger bond between Sakura and the two guardians. that is the basic outline of the story now Keroberes is going to go into detail *chuckle*

One day, a ten year old girl named Sakura heard something coming from her dad's(Aiden Avalon) study in the basement. She went down to investigate and found an old book that was glowing. On the cover it said: The Clow. Suddenly a lock on the side of the book came open. Sakura opened the book. But there were not pages inside, there was cards. Sakura picked up the top card. It said Windy at the base. Sakura muttered "Windy?" to herself and the card started to glow. Suddenly an odd design formed beneath her and a strong wind came from nowhere. The wind grew and the cards flew out of the book. Sakura was left,grasping the Windy card, as the others disappeared through the ceiling. Sakura slumped down and started to relax when the book started glowing again. An odd creature rose out of it. It was shaped like a stuffed animal with wings. "Yeah!I'm free!!!" The thing looked over at Sakura. But suddenly it didn't look very happy. It realized that the cards had escaped and became very worried. He then told Sakura that he was Keroberos, the guardian beast of the seal and that it was his job to keep the cards in the book but that he had fallen asleep for say...oh...thirty years and let them escape. He told her that the cards had been created by a very powerful magician, Clow Reed, but that they were to strong and were sealed into the Clow. He then told her that she was a chosen CardCaptor and that her job now was to capture and seal the cards back into the book. Sakura rejected the idea saying that it was his fault they got out but Kero didn't listen. Sakura, for then on, became a CardCaptor. Sakura is later joined by a boy from Hong Kong named a Soyoran who is a CardCaptor also and they fight and capture the cards until final judgement when they will find out who will be the true mistress/master of the Clow Cards.Skaura being the chosen captor wins barely. Sakura used the Vine card against Yue who was the guardian or the judge, his element was the moon and Keroberes's was the sun. the Vine card was a part of the Moon element so Yue stopped the Vine card using an arrow (Julian was in an Archery contest before hand so o.O)   the Vine card repelled and attacked Sakura, bringing her up to Yue entangled in the Vines. he made his judgment and said that she would forget everything, she went back on the things that she's done and the friends she's made. she was beginning to forget when a familiar voice and a familiar sound shattered the image. when Sakura heard this she struggled and struggled as best she could. she then broke out of the Vines and fell down to the building where Yue once stood. she faced him once again and noticed Ms. Mckenzie standing there with the bell that had helped her in the maze of  the maze card. "Ms Mckenzie what are you doing here?" Sakura asked and Ms Mckenzie answered "i was here to help and make sure that oyu passed the judgment, that is what this bell was for, now that ist served irt purpose it will go away forever." Ms Mckenzie said as the bell slowly faded away. Sakura nodded and faced Yue once more, she took out the Windy card the first card she ever had and used it to attack Yue. the windy card succeeded in attacking Yue he was brought down in a bubble one knee down and his head bent. when he touched the ground of the building the bubble dissapeared, he looked up when Sakura held out her hand to him. she said something along the lines of "i want to be your friend." soemthing along there. after the judgment it was now Sakura's duty to change all of the Clow Cards into Sakura Cardsbut she didn't know how to do that. that's where Spinner Sun Ruby Moon and Eli Harigazawa stepped in. Spinner is the opposite of me Keroberes and Ruby moon is the opposirte of Yue Eli is part of the reincarnation of Clow Reed. they put sakura to tests and challenge her nowledge of the cards one time Eli even tried to Kill  (or so it seemed) Sakura by stopping an elevator when Soyoran and Sakura were in there. using his magic he made the elevator dissolve beneath Sakura, Soyoran who loved sakura began to weep for he thought she was dead! but Sakura floated up on the new Sakura Card float. i think that this was to get her to change the float card and to get Soyoran to confess his feelings for Sakura. he succeeded in this factor, when the time came he put Sakura to the ulimate test and her guardians. Sakura called on Yue and Keroberes they were created into a new wand using this she defeated Eli, she didn't know it (actually i think she did) but she saved Keroberes and Yue from being destroyed and the whoel thing happening all over again. for if she was beaten Yue and Keroberes would no longer exist or at elast go back to sleep, but she won the battle and saved her friends and gained a new sealing wand AGAIN! *sigh* i don't know what happens after this. oh yeah and Meiling comes back to see Soyoran swooning over Sakura ^^